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It is interesting how seldom we talk about spiritual health. If we think about all the focus we place on physical health – being fit and healthy and yes…SEXY, and the huge amount of money we spend trying to achieve our desired body weight and slim appearance, and then consider how little we talk about spiritual health, it says so much about the state of our culture.

Let’s not forget that God wants to bless us with spiritual vitality. Like building muscles to trim down those fats to keep us healthy, we also need “spiritual workout” to develop our spiritual wellness.

Everyone has an inner life, WE ALL have it. This consists of our thoughts and feelings, our hope and dreams, our character and our relationship with God. On the other hand, we also have our outer life, which consists of the things we do, places we go, things we build on our own. Sadly ‘though, we tend to focus more on the outer life which is just a tiny fraction of our life. Much more takes place as part of the inner life. The inner life is an overflow of the outer life.

When we are spiritually healthy, we become happy and our happiness radiates to the outside making us beautiful and attractive. I have this to say – a woman (or a man) is attractive when he or she is happy. I guess, I can dress up, have a great hairstyle, put an a perfect jewelry, and dressed in the most beautiful and expensive outfit but if I’m not happy, I’m not really gonna be attractive.

It’s just that… I can run to the grocery store don in my comfy jeans and shirt and flipflops  with no make up on, but if I am in a good mood and really excited, I FEEL I am really looking pretty good.

But what makes me REALLY happy?

As I’ve mentioned, just as physical workout is needed for stronger body, we also need spiritual workout for spiritual vitality. And so, upon waking up I do  a “10-minute spiritual workout”. Yes, only 10 minutes a day. What a simple concept. Try it for yourself. I am sure it will change your life just as it changed mine.

As you go deeper and deeper into prayer, God will guide you into your everyday life – making difficult tasks a lot easier. Even difficult people you encounter – in your home, work and everywhere seem to be easy to deal with. Why? Because, you become more understanding, more patient and more compassionate and even more forgiving.

By being  deeper and deeper into prayer, the Holy Spirit will guide you to answer four questions: Who am I? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least?

By developing clarity around these four questions, you will become a phenomenal decision maker. You will no longer find yourself saying yes to things for fear you may displease or offend someone. Your yes will become a firm, passionate, mission-driven yes. And your no will become a firm unwavering no.

As a devout Filipino Catholic, I encourage everyone to get into (if you have not started) a “10-minute spiritual workout”  daily. And as we approach the Holy Week, try to reflect and answer the above four questions.

When I think about sharing this “beauty secret” that I am sharing with you, I feel I have been fortunate beyond my wildest imaginings. Few things delight me more than sharing with you what God has freely given to me.

The “10-minute spiritual workout” will allow you very quickly to get a sense of a personal spiritual health.. And the BIG BONUS? HAPPINESS and real BEAUTY!!!