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My 56th birthday on July 20th has long been over but I still have that birthday hangover..The excitement is still there thinking about the simple dinner with my parents and family  plus the hubby’s surprise gift to me earlier and you guessed …it excites me  to no end anwering the many birthday greetings and wishes from friends, family and relatives on fb.

As we know, birthday is one if not the most important event in everyone’s life. It’s  simply because it’s the day we came into life and therefore it is THE day of Thanksgiving to the Lord for our Gift of Life.

When I was a kid ‘though I never realized the REAL significance of celebrating birthdays. It just meant receiving gifts and so then, I’d also ask my Mom to buy a gift for someone  who would invite me on his or her birthday. As I got older ‘though, I had this in mind – our hearts and minds are filled with thoughts of loved ones. This thoughts become our inner light and through gifts we share this light…but are we really letting our inner light shine? Which gifts truly matter?

The SIMPLE GIFTS in LIFE are the MOST TREASURED. They don’t come in a box with exquisite paper and ribbon and they aren’t delivered by a postman or a courier or a local florist. The gifts I remember most are the unexpected movie dates and dinners with my hubby, the thoughtfulness of my Mom who would send us over some delicious food she herself cooked, the times I would go out with my sister without any plans, the long stories and laughters to no end with my siblings, the generosity and kindness of a son who would give even if we didn’t ask, the calls from our daughter just to check  if we’re ok, the thoughtfulness of my sisters/brothers-in law, the “mano po” and hugs and kisses of our grandkids, nieces and nephews,  the unexpected fun moments and shared laughs with my dearest bestfriends, the gentle hellos and smiles from strangers. These and many more are the magical moments I cherish.

Below are pics with some of the people closest to my heart…

With my best friends who stood the test of time with me. Friends who never left me and who believed in me at all times. Friends who defended me at all costs. Yes, these are my Best Friends Forever (BFF).


With my best friends – separated by distance united by pic.. UPPER PIC: from L-R Zheny, me, Jenifer and Mel LOWER PIC: L-R Nora, Zheny and Maybelline

Taken some years ago with my loving and thoughtful Mom and my sweet sister …My Mom is the reason of my birthdays – my idol and my mentor. She’s the one who made me  the person I am today…

With my mom and sister

With my loving and thoughtful mom and sister

With my younger sis, Michelle whom I fondly call “wister” isn’t just my sis but my best friend since birth lol! We share many beautiful and happy memories together since childhood  and during my brief stay in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Taken in Christchurch, NZ with my sweet "wister", Michelle

Taken in Christchurch, NZ with my sweet “wister”, Michelle

With my hubby, Roy. Celebrating our 31 years together on July 28. Ours wasn’t an easy life. We had our share of ups and downs  but we kept our faith not just in each other but to God who is the center of our married life.

With hubby

With hubby ever so sweet and loving

This picture was taken during our Dad’s 86th birthday on March 8, 2016. With me are my two older brothers Jim and Dan and their respective kids and grandkids.

Big family

Family -4 generations (incomplete members)

And so then, not ONLY on birthdays and other occasions   but in all the days of our lives, that we let our light shine out in everyone we meet. Let us  CHERISH the simple gifts in life and let’s love our planet and everyone in it just as God loves us.

Each of us is like a light on the street, brightening the path for someone else. Let’s open the door to our  hearts, and spread the inner glow to lift others who need a BEACON to GUIDE them in the darkness…

Let us TAKE TIME TO SHINE…Let us treasure the simple gifts for they are life’s little miracles…They are… for all we know, the gifts that truly matters.