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All my life, I had been fascinated with works of art. It’s an irony that I struggled with art subjects during my schooldays for I could not even draw a simple bamboo. That’s right, just a simple bamboo! My younger sister Michelle could attest to that. I  remember when she was in grade school and I was already in highschool she asked me to draw a bamboo but we  ended up laughing when my drawing looked more like a log than a bamboo. And nope, that’s not exaggerating. That was really me. No talent in  drawing whatsoever.

With the popularity of adult coloring books however, my fascination with art works was rekindled. I bought a coloring book and some colored pencils but alas, that was just it. It kinda bored me after doing just a few pages. Then I said to myself,  “I wanted something more challenging” haha! But let me tell you this…coloring books indeed give a real calming effect not only in the mind but also in the body.  The saying, “Where the mind goes, the body follows” is true. A relaxed mind, calms the body and uplifts the spirit. Don’t laugh now but I tell you, my endorphins must have done their job so well that it  relaxes me tremendously. You see, after coloring some mandala flowers, I would  get soooo drowsy hooohum!

I’ve gotta secret…shhhh… I’ve never finished a single page in one sitting..You guessed it right.i It’s because I just got soooo sleepy. The culprit must have been the warm colors that I chose. Yup yup! Really calming huh!?! Then I googled “simple art – paintings for beginners”  take note of the words “simple and beginners.” Then  oil pastels popped up. I got quite interested and so this time I bought a set of oil pastels and painted simple designs on cardboards. Yes, just cardboards and not on canvas. I wouldn’t dare do my first try on canvas. I was surprised though that my drawings had quite improved. I mean, had greatly improved Ehem!!!😀😀😀

Here is my first try in oil pastels – “The Night Winterscape.” Would you believe I did this while watching its You Tube tutorial? As you might have guessed, I stopped the video intermittently to follow the steps and replayed it several times when I missed something lol!


See that?  I guess that is not bad for a first timer, don’t you think so? That, I am very sure…The Night Winterscape is way more difficult than drawing a bamboo, don’t you agree? Okay, okay…you may ask my number one critic – my hubby and he would answer with a loud YEEES and without batting an eyelash.😉😉😉

And oh! Here’s another oil pastel painting that I made – a peacock. This is also copied but I made some variations ‘though. So, this is semi-original if I may call it.image

Do not laugh now…but those two were the ONLY pieces of oil pastels that I was able to paint (sigh).  It’s funny but I still have an unopened oil pastel set. Know why? Because when I made another research, I found stone painting, the one that really excites me. And besides, I do not need to be extraordinarily good in drawing or sketching. So, I said goodbye to my oil pastels and said hello to acrylic paints and brushes. And believe me…I had since then been hooked to stone painting. I am now so addicted that when I am at home and in the yard, you would suspect I lost something as you would see me roaming around with my eyes glued to the ground… Shhhh… I’m just scrutinizing whatever stone that catches my attention hahaha! This sounds funny but I always catch my front neighbor staring at me when I am doing my “stone hunt.” He must be wondering what I am doing with all the stones I pick up almost everyday.  I’d  tell my hubby, “so little time, so many stones to paint.” Funny thing is, most of the time, I bring my stones to bed and do my painting before bedtime. So, my hubby would tell me like what we always remind our grandson to “tidy up your toys” before bedtime lol!

To echo the words of a fellow stone-painter, aaah stone-painter – a new word. Hmmm well anyway, he said, “stone painting is the art that rocks.” So, what makes my new hobby really rock? NO, that’s not a silly question. And the answer is NOT because they are ROCKS that make them ROCK! Pardon my lousy joke haha! Here’s what I thought – it’s the simplicity of the stone, that when painted, can be transformed into a magnificent work of art. That what makes stone painting really…really rock. I believe it’s a modern-day art where anyone at any age can do. What’s unique about stones is they don’t lose their simplicity even when they’re painted. Leonardo da Vinci himself wrote, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

Now, look at my indoor cacti stone garden. Aren’t they adorable? Inspired by my pins at Pinterest, I did my own stone cacti collection. They brighten up my mornings. I’m a lover of this succulent plant sans the green thumb. What is more satisfying than having this beautiful sight in the morning without having to worry about its maintenance and painful thorn pricks? I could also play with different pots, cups or vases and arrange them differently from time to time or make them from an indoor garden to table centerpiece or side table accent or I can place them outdoors and watch my neighbors wonder like crazy if they are real. The possibilities of my stone cacti are just so endless.

My indoor cacti collection

My indoor cacti collection


My stone cacti in my outdoor garden

Here are some of my other playful stone paintings. I guess it’s fun to bring out the child in us even as we advance in age. After all, life is too short not to enjoy every minute of it. And besides joy and happiness cannot be found only in big and expensive things but also in humble and small things.

image image image image image image image image



I swear my new hobby gives me so much joy,  It has brought me closer to nature that all the more I am in awe of how beautifully God created the world. All the more that I appreciate God’s wonderful works. This hobby taught me to appreciate what I have and to value small things and to look at my life’s little troubles in a different way. I’ve found joy in this simple pleasure and learned that simple joys of life could pave the way for a peaceful, contented and an easy happy life.


God is the ultimate Artist and the Master designer of all. He designed a purpose for all of His creations -‘big or small. Now there is no space for dark and gloomy thoughts in my life. I am looking at everything from the bright side. Indeed, what a beautiful world we live in. All glory and honor be to God, our Almighty Father.

My simple stone paintings remind of Mahatma Ghandi’s famous quote to “Live simply so that others may simply live.” What a beautiful day it is when you start your morning with a wonderful sight of my stone cacti and be reminded to live simply…

Want to try and start your own stone painting? Post in your comments and questions and I’d be very willing to share some knowledge  and some tips that I have learned through my stone painting journey.

I am just so excited to share with you my other stone paintings in my next post. So, WATCH OUT!!! Hey, wanna join me now??? C’mon… LET’s ROCK IT BABY!!!